Human Trafficking in the U.S. Hospitality Industry - How You Can Help Stop It (0.5 CMP CE)

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Human Trafficking in the U.S. Hospitality Industry - How You Can Help Stop It

Hope for Justice has been approved by the Events Industry Council (EIC) as a Preferred Provider of the below-listed continuing education courses, which courses qualify for 0.5 CMP continuing education credit.   Determination of continuing education credit eligibility or Preferred Provider status does not imply EIC’s endorsement or assessment of education quality.

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Course Length: 30 minutes

Who should take this course? Hotel staff and management, employees in national and state tourism organizations and associations, event planners, hospitality management employees and employees in related industries.

Course description 400,000 people in the United States are trapped in modern slavery situations related to sex and labor trafficking. Many of these victims are exploited and trafficked through hotels, motels and other lodging establishments all over the country. In recent years, there's been growing social and legal pressure on hospitality organizations and their employees to recognize and report potential human trafficking activities on their premises. Through stories and interactive scenarios, this course will teach hospitality management and staff how to spot the signs of human trafficking and safe ways to take action on behalf of victims.    

 Learning objectives By the end of this course, learners will be able to: 

  • Define "human trafficking"
  • Describe the primary types of human trafficking in the United States
  • Describe the ways human trafficking occurs in the hospitality industry and the legal 
    and financial risks it poses to hotels and their employees
  • Identify signs that may indicate victims and traffickers in a hotel setting, including signs of possible child exploitation
  • Explain best practices to prevent, identify and report cases of human trafficking

Certificate option To receive a certificate at the end of this course, please complete all modules including the pre-training knowledge check and the post-training test.   


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Human Trafficking in the US Hospitality Industry Certificate

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Human Trafficking in the Hospitality Industry - How You Can Help Stop It
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There shouldn’t be a nonprofit or other for-profit entity in the United States or other countries that should not know about sex trafficking, exploitation, and how we can all come together to assist in eradicating our children being sold
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Well done! Liked it~
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Thank you!

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