Keeping Kids Safe in the Digital World

7 modules


Course Length
60 mins

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Keeping Kids Safe in the Digital World

Course Length: 60 minutes

Who should take this course? Parents, educators, caregivers

Course description The problem of online enticement and online sexual exploitation of children is vast and ever-growing due to our increasing reliance and use of the digital world. Enticement and sexual exploitation includes a variety of situations including predators communicating with children online with the intent to commit a sexual offense, youth being groomed online, engaging in sexual conversations with a child or teen online, and receiving child sexual abuse images and videos online. This victimization takes place across every platform including messaging apps, social media, and gaming platforms.  

In this course, parents and caregivers will learn practical techniques for empowering themselves and their kids to take action against online exploitation.

Keeping Kids Safe in the Digital World consists of 3 modules:  

Module 1: Online Exploitation 

This module is an introduction to youth internet use and online exploitation and covers key topics like: 

  •  What online exploitation is and where it happens 
  • How exploitation can lead to human trafficking 
  • Why youth are especially vulnerable to victimization online 
  • How predators and traffickers identify, coerce, and control victims on the internet 
  • Signs of potential victimization 

Module 2: Digital Safeguarding 

In this module, you will discover the most important digital safeguarding tools and techniques for protecting kids online. Through interactive scenarios, personal reflection, and engaging videos, you will learn how to use the 3 Ts of Online Safety. Upon completion of this module you'll be empowered and equipped to take action immediately! 

Module 3: A True Story 

In the final module of the three-part series, you’ll follow an average American teenager as he becomes a victim of online exploitation. But in this module, it will be up to you to intervene at the most important moments in this teen’s story to keep him safe. You’ll walk away feeling confident in your ability to apply the 3 Ts of Online Safety with any kid in your life. 

 Winner of 4 prestigious Telly Awards


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Keeping Kids Safe in the Digital World Completion Certificate

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Keeping Kids Safe in the Digital World: Online Exploitation
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Keeping Kids Safe in the Digital World: Digital Safeguarding
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Keeping Kids Safe in the Digital World: A True Story
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