Human Trafficking in Law Enforcement - Your Role and Responsibilities (Verified Law Enforcement Professionals Only)

9 modules


Course Length
60 mins

Slave-Free Alliance



Human Trafficking For Law Enforcement

Course Length: 2-30 minute modules (1 hour total) 

Who should take this course? Uniformed officers, investigators/detectives and all other public facing law enforcement employees. 

Note: Only verified Law Enforcement personnel are eligible to register for this course. At the beginning the course, you'll be asked to submit proof of eligibility. Please allow up to 72 hours for us to verify your credentials before receiving access to the course. 

Course description 400,000 people in the United States are trapped in modern slavery situations related to sex and labor trafficking. Front-line law enforcement agencies play a critical role in disabling human trafficking situations by identifying victims, ensuring their safety, collecting evidence and supporting prosecution efforts. This course includes two modules. Through stories and interactive scenarios, they will teach law enforcement personnel how to spot the signs of human trafficking and take action on behalf of victims and the law.     

Part 1 is an overview of human trafficking in the US. Learning objectives for Part 1 include: 

  • Define “human trafficking”
  • Describe the pervasiveness of and multiple types of human trafficking
  • Explain typical victimization factors, pathways, barriers to leaving, and common impacts of human trafficking
  • Identify the signs of sex and labor trafficking and exploitation

Part 2 focused specifically on human trafficking in a Law Enforcement context. Learning objectives for Part 2 include: 

  • Describe why law enforcement plays a critical role in identifying human trafficking cases
  • Describe United States human trafficking laws
  • Explain common law enforcement barriers to identifying human trafficking cases
  • Identify human trafficking victim, trafficker and business indicators
  • Explain best practice processes and protocols (e.g. evidence collection) and victim-centered approaches for investigating human trafficking cases

Certificate option To receive a certificate at the end of this course, please complete all modules including the pre-training knowledge check and the post-training test.   


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Human Trafficking in Law Enforcement Certificate

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Part 1 - Human Trafficking in Law Enforcement - Your Role and Responsibilities
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Part 2 - Human Trafficking in Law Enforcement - Your Role and Responsibilities
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