LGBTQ Youth and Human Trafficking for Parents

10 modules


Course Length
30 mins

Slave-Free Alliance



What is a Stackable Course? A stackable course expertly curates up to date expert content in the human trafficking sector in a easy to navigate format. These courses are great courses to take after primary training in how to fight human trafficking.

Who should take this course? Parents of youth who identify as LGBTQ are encouraged to take this course, but this course also contains many resources that will also appeal to a wide audience that is concerned about the protection of LGBTQ youth in their community. 

Course description: The focus of this course is on the human trafficking of LGBTQ youth, a demographic that faces numerous potential avenues for sexual or labor exploitation and coercion. Module topics in this course include the specific vulnerabilities to trafficking faced by LGBTQ youth, how to support your children and protect them from potential trafficking situations, and how to support LGBTQ youth in your community more broadly.

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Define "human trafficking"
  • Identify common vulnerabilities to trafficking
  • Understand how LGBTQ youth are particularly vulnerable to being trafficked
  • Establish a safe and stable support system for your child.
  • Know how to get involved in community- and nation-wide anti-trafficking efforts.

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Introduction to Trafficking and Vulnerabilities (Part 1)
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Introduction to Trafficking and Vulnerabilities (Part 2)
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Introduction to Trafficking and Vulnerabilities (Part 3)
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Supporting LGBTQ Youth (Part 1)
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Supporting LGBTQ Youth (Part 2)
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Supporting LGBTQ Youth (Part 3)
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Next Steps
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Additional Resources
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Learner Experience Survey
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